Expected: 70,000,000 PKR
Review 2023
Lexus LX 600 Pakistan

2023 Lexus LX Series SUV 

  • Lexus LX Expected Launch in Pakistan = 2023 or 2024
  • Lexus LX Expected Price in Pakistan = 70,000,000 PKR
  • Generation = 4th

Lexus has been known as the luxury division of Toyota Motors, famous for its new designs and the first brand to develop hybrid luxury cars. The 4th generation of Lexus LX was launched globally in October 2021, and it is based on the J300 series of Toyota Land Cruiser. The 3rd generation Lexus LX ruled from 2007 to 2021, and the 4th generation is the latest one. It offers an exclusive F Sport variant that has replaced the Sport variant present in previous generations. Other than this, a VIP luxury trim is also offered in the 4th generation, and a 3.3 liter diesel engine with a V6 petrol engine is being provided for the first time in the LX series. Lexus cars are also imported to Pakistan and available at different car sellers and their websites. The new version of the LX Series will go on sale in August 2022 in Pakistan. It is a twin of the Land Cruiser 300 series as the powertrains will be similar in both of them, and customers are looking forward to its launch in Pakistan. The Lexus cars are always a symbol of luxury in our country, and regardless of the high price tag of its vehicles, customers purchase them excitedly. The Lexus LX 600 is already one of the favorite SUVs because of its capability, reliability, and technology. The price of Lexus LX600 will be kept competitive compared to its rivals in Pakistan. The LX Series delivers high performance with its adaptive variable suspension and efficient engine. It comes with an advanced Lexus Interface with an Intelligent Assistant and off-road camera systems that give you a more diverse view of the surrounding for safe parking. The Safety System in Lexus is plus 2.5, and it comes with daytime bicyclist detection, active safety equipment, and low-light pedestrian detection.

Lexus LX 600 SUV 4th Generation title image
Lexus LX 600 SUV 4th Generation title image

Trims & Variants:

The Lexus LX Series is available internationally in 5 variants that include:

LX Standard trim: it offers twenty-inch alloy wheels, a 7-inches instrument cluster, an 8-inches infotainment screen, a 10-speaker sound system, heated front seats, a wireless charger, leather seats, and power rear doors.

LX Premium: it adds a head-up display, ambient lighting, 6-USB ports, heated and ventilated front seats, and adaptive variable suspension.

LX Luxury:  it adds 22-inches alloy wheels, a heated steering wheel, ventilated 2nd ow seats, illuminated door sills, and an auto door closer.

LX F Sport handling:  it adds 22-inch F Sport wheels, F Sport-tuned suspension, F-Sport front fender badges, F-Sport front fascia, F-Sport rear bumper, F-Sport aluminum pedals, and cool box.

LX Ultra-Luxury:  it adds 22-inch forged alloy wheels, a rear-seat wireless charger, 2nd-row captain chairs, 4-USB ports, rear massaging seats, and a rear-seat entertainment system having two 11.4-inches screens.

Engine & Power:

The Lexus LX600 gets its power from a V6, 3.5 liters twin-turbo petrol engine that generates 409 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. There is the option of another 3.3 liter V6 diesel engine in Lexus LX 500d that produces 304 hp of power. Both of the engines offer a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Performance & Drive:

The Lexus LX 600 comes with the most powerful engine ever fitted in the LX series, and it delivers exceptional performance. The 10-speed automatic transmission selects the optimal gear for all conditions. It comes with an adaptive variable suspension that enables you to customize your road feel as you require and works efficiently according to the road conditions. The on-road performance is exceptional with this system with more precise control and provides a comfortable ride by reducing bumps and shocks when moving through rough terrains. It offers a 4-wheel drive system with a torque-sensing limited-slip differential that distributes power between the front axle and rear axle, so the traction is optimized for all road conditions. It helps to keep you secure with the help of sensors so the onset of wheel slippage is detected and brakes are applied automatically. The electrically assisted steering wheel is finely tuned and is less sensitive at high speeds and more responsive at lower speeds, so maneuverability becomes easy. The Lexus LX offers a multi-terrain select system that provides the better off-road capability and makes driving smoother on snow-covered roads and rough tracks. The Crawl Control system in Lexus LX maintains a slow and steady pace automatically over rough terrains, and Turn Assist tightens your turning circle by applying brake force to the rear wheels. The Lexus LX600 offers 6-terrain modes to select according to the external condition, such as Active height control mode, multi-terrain select mode, snow mode, and crawl control mode. The Lexus LX600 provides a towing capacity of 8000 pounds and has a ground clearance of 8 inches. The Lexus LX600 2022 model gets 17 miles per gallon mileage in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highways.

Exterior Design & Features:

The Lexus LX is redesigned with all-new features and a sophisticated design. The silhouette looks dominating on roads, and beneath the LX is a sculpted hood that increases visibility. A dimensional grille in the front looks stunning, and sleek headlamps add more attraction to the front. The rear end features new LED blade tail lamps that remain illuminated at night, and rear Lexus badging captivates every customer attraction. The assertive rear fascia comes with a dominating power tailgate that opens at the press of a button and makes access to the cabin easy. The F Sport variant comes with exclusive F Sport badging on the exterior design, and the higher-end trims come with 22-inches alloy wheels that look highly attractive and sporty.

Interior Design & Features:

The inside of Lexus LX is a mark of luxury and comfort. As soon you enter the Lexus LX, you will feel relaxed by personalizing the environment with ambient lights according to your mood and maintaining temperature according to your comfort. The cabin has open-pore wooden trims that look captivating, and premium feels. The seats are covered with premium leather, and the rear seats come with Captain Chairs. The rear seats come with a 48-degree reclining option so you can adjust the seating position as per your comfort. The vehicle has a color head-up display that shows speed, gear information, and RPM and alerts the driver in an emergency. The infotainment system is compatible with Apple Car play and gets directions and receives messages via Siri. There is separate entertainment for the rear seat passengers, and two 11.4-inches screens are mounted on the back of the front seats so the rear passengers can enjoy their favorite videos and music. The cabin comes with an Intelligent Assistant system that works by voice commands. You can adjust the cabin’s temperature, add navigation points, and change music by commanding it.

Safety & Features:

The Lexus LX 2022 comes with the following latest safety features:

  • Hill-Start Assist Control
  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Rear cross-traffic braking
  • Parking Assist
  • Blindspot Monitoring System
  • Lexus Safety Connect
  • Collision Assistance

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