Expected: 65-70 Lac PKR
Review 2023
MG Marvel R Pakistan

2023 MG Marvel R EV

  • Expected Launch in Pakistan = 2023-2024
  • Expected Price in Pakistan = 60-65 Lac PKR
  • Generation = 1st

Javed Afridi brought excitement to the public after he posted an image of himself driving the MG Marvel R in September 2021. He also released some promotional videos of the MG Marvel R. Later, some CBU units of the Marvel R were imported by MG Motors Pakistan for testing the practicality and performance so the company could decide whether it should be launched locally or not in Pakistan. MG Motors has hired an expert team from Nielson IQ to learn the local demands of the customers here. The trend of electric vehicles in Pakistan is appreciated by the Auto Policy here, and it introduces no registration. For the annual renewal fee for electric cars, only a 1 percent tax is applied on their import and even no federal excise on electric vehicles. MG motors have taken a step to introduce its electric ZS-EV in Pakistan in this regard, and now it’s time for the MG Marvel R in Pakistan. The excitement is raised more when the MG Marvel unveils at the MG Motors showroom at the Packages Mall Lahore. MG Motors announced it on their Facebook page and stated that its time to welcome the 3rd vehicle from MG Motors in Pakistan, and this time it is MG Marvel R displayed at the packages mall. It will be an all-electric SUV equipped with 5G technology. It is brought to you in collaboration with Huawei, and thus the SUV exchanges data through a cellular network and offers a variety of driver’s assistance features. The MG Marvel R comes with an intelligent electric design and has the most cutting-edge electric technology, providing a maximum range. It is a spacious yet luxurious model that combines a generous interior with an attractive exterior. The introduction of the MG Marvel R fully-electric SUV will be a step forward in making our environment clean with zero emissions in these smog days. It will be available in both all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive configurations. The MG Marvel R is in the testing phase in Pakistan, and we expect it to be launched by December 2022.

MG MARVEL R EV SUV 1st Generation title image
MG MARVEL R EV SUV 1st Generation title image

Trims & Variants:

The MG Marvel R will be available in two versions in Pakistan: it will have either a rear-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive configuration. The rear-wheel-drive Marvel R will have 2-electric motors, while the all-wheel-drive Marvel R will have three electric motors.

Powertrain & Transmission:

The rear-wheel-drive Marvel R will have two electric motors on the rear axle, run by a 69.9 kWh lithium-ion battery. It generates maximum power of 186 hp. The all-wheel-drive Marvel R will have two electric motors on the rear axle and another electric motor mounted on the front axle. It generates 302 hp of maximum power and a torque of 665 Nm. The Marvel R comes with a 2-gear transmission, shifting to high-speed gears smoothly that improve driving efficiency.

Performance & Drive:

The MG Marvel R gives you a balanced and powerful performance because of its sporty chassis and calibration. The all-wheel-drive configuration makes driving more comfortable on rough terrains so that you can go through your adventures with fun. It accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds, and the Sport plus, along with Winter mode, makes your driving more exceptional in extreme weather conditions. An experienced team in Germany designs the sporty chassis of Marvel R, and its subframe is made of aluminum alloy, reducing the car’s weight and improving handling. The i-Booster in Marvel R makes the braking performance quick and enhances the driving experience. The battery pack in MG Marvel R uses a larger module cell pack that increases volume, energy, and density and gives you more driving range. It gives you an electric range of 402 kilometers. The electric motors use hair-pin winding technology where both electric motors work separately, ensuring maximum efficiency and are more effective than the traditional method. The battery can be easily charged by a 3-phase onboard 11 kW fast AC charger and the 90 kW charging power charges the battery to eighty percent in forty minutes. The heat pump in MG Marvel R improves driving efficiency by 50 percent compared to the traditional positive temperature coefficient and gives you more confidence in driving the car in winter. The 2-gear transmission delivers a smooth driving experience, and the power steering is light-weighted so the driver can turn the vehicle confidently around corners. The lightweight of the SUV makes the handling more confident with less body roll.

Exterior Design & Features:

The exterior design of MG Marvel R is futuristic. Its smooth C-pillar and low roof are dynamic, giving a forward stance to the SUV and creating a proportional feature. The whole waistline curves smoothly, creating a double arch design on the wheels. The slender band of LED runs through the frontal fascia, and two light strips embedded with rectangular modules give a stylish layout of the headlamps. A light strip traverses the rear and stretches through the width of the back, creating an arrow feathers design. The central logo of MG creates a visual focus on the front and the rear.

Interior Design & Features:

The interior of MG Marvel R is comfortable and luxurious. The higher-end trims have Bader Nappa leather-covered seats, and the imported models have heating and ventilation functions in the front seats. The SUV gives seating capacity to 5 adults, and 64-color Aurora lights create an ambient atmosphere inside the car. The cabin is covered with ninety-five percent noise, vibration, and harshness-proof material that make the cabin quiet, and the sound system brings ultimate driving enjoyment. The panoramic sunroof allows fresh air and sunlight inside the car, wherever you are heading. The cabin comes with 4-sets of intelligent electric fan blades that automatically control the temperature changes inside the vehicle. The purification system filters pollutants and some viruses to keep the air inside the Marvel R healthy. The Bose audio system in MG Marvel R creates a sound that gives you a concert site feel. The digital cockpit in MG Marvel R is made of an entire Gorilla glass screen 19.4 inches in size, and a 12.3-inch screen serves as a digital cluster, displaying all necessary information about the car. You will get wireless chargers to charge your smartphones where ever you want. The intelligent 5G network system is ready to connect to the future. The trunk has a volume of 375 liters, and the rear seats get folded to increase the luggage capacity to 1398 liters so you can carry a large number of goods. The interior has generous storage compartments with 8 cup holders and 5-phone slots and a storage box on the rear armrest. The MG Marvel R has a towing capacity of 750 kilograms, so you can transport anything you need.

Safety & features:

The battery in MG Marvel R has undergone strict safety testing to ensure the battery’s safety and to avoid the risk of fire. The aluminum alloy body ensures strengthened performance. The active safety features include:

  • Emergency lane-keeping
  • Drowsiness warning system
  • Passive safety is provided by 7-airbags, giving maximum protection from accidents
  • Multiple sensors and cameras give a visual range from all sides to ensure safety

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