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Review 2023
Road Prince Robinson 150 cc Pakistan

2023 Road Prince Robinson 150cc 

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2015-Present
  • Technology = 4 Stroke Euro-II
  • Road Prince official Contact = 042-111-773-375 

2023 Road Prince Robinson 150cc Price in Pakistan
Price Effective From 15-Feb-2023

Road Prince Robinson 150cc 390,000 PKR

The Road Prince Robinson is a 150cc bike having superb hardware and gives you an entirely comfortable ride. The lively look of Robinson makes it so alluring and gives you a smooth ride, which makes it one of the best options for touring purposes. It has powerful shock absorbers that make your adventures more thrilling. It comes with a kick-start and self-start technology and offers five-speed transmission. It has Euro III Italian technology, making it more durable and reliable than Chinese and Japanese technology. The 2021 Road Prince Robinson has a stylish design, and it has eight-inches wheels now that add more beauty. It has stainless steel handles to make handling easy and confident, while the touring seat is more comfortable. It comes with disc brakes and has a large-sized fuel tank that lets you enjoy your long journeys. It is best for short-route travels within the city and the best choice for going on long-route journeys. The price of Road Prince Robinson has increased this year compared to last year’s price, but its price is still not very high compared to its competitors.

road prince robinson 150cc motor bike title image
road prince robinson 150cc motor bike title image

Performance & Ride:

The Road Prince Robinson gets its power from a SOHC, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled 150cc engine that produces 12 horsepower at 800 RPM and 11Nm of torque @ 6000 RPM. The 5-speed transmission is precise and comes with quick throttle changes, so the overall quality of the ride remains smooth and you can change the gears easily when moving at higher speeds. The braking system is made more efficient with disc brakes at the front, and the rear has drum brakes. The rider can apply the brakes smoothly, and it does not create a hassle in traffic. The Euro III Italian technology makes it an environment-friendly bike by producing less pollution and makes it a fuel-efficient vehicle that increases its demand in markets. The Robinson comes with hydraulic shock absorbers, so your thrill and fun are not compromised in any case. You can ride it confidently over bumpy roads, and that is why it is chosen more often when going to hilly roads for touring purposes. It does not produce vibrations when riding it at moderate speeds and it comes with self-start technology, along with kick-start, so you can start your bike quickly without disturbing the traffic.

Top Speed & Mileage:

The Road Prince Robinson comes with a great fuel tank capacity which is 18 liters and a lubricating oil capacity of 1200 milliliters. It gives you a mileage between 35 kilometers per liter to 40 kilometers per liter. It can reach a top speed of up to 130-135 kilometers per hour.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Road Prince Robinson has a beautiful outlook with steel handles that makes riding more convenient. It is built with high-quality equipment, and its main attraction is its sporty look. It is 2000 millimeters long and has a width of 760 millimeters, along with a wheelbase of 1330 millimeters. It is available in blue and black exterior colors. The front end has a square headlamp with LED light and large steel handles. It not only makes riding convenient but also increases its beauty. The fuel tank is designed aerodynamically, and the touring seat is designed in a way that provides you with maximum comfort. The silencer is painted black to give it a sporty look, and the dual-purpose tires look stunning. The beauty of Road Prince Robinson is increased more with its 8-inch wheels.

User Reviews:

The Road Prince Robinson is rated good in style, fuel economy, comfort, and performance. It is mainly used for touring because of its outstanding performance and excellent shock absorbers that make your ride smooth and comfortable. The users also review the fuel efficiency well, and they appreciate its electric-start technology. One of the issues people have with Road Prince Robinson is its high price, and its price is increasing rapidly. Secondly, the maintenance cost of this sports bike is also high because its spare parts are not readily available in the market.

Major Competitors:


Overall Length 2000mm
Overall Width 760mm
Overall Hight 1040mm
Wheel Base 1330mm
Homologation Euro – 3
Fuel Tank Capacity 18 Liter
Lubricating Oil Capacity 1200 ml
Battery 12 V,9 Amp
Front Brake Disc Type
Rear Brake Drum Type
Transmission 5 Speed
Dry Weight 130 Kg
Clutch Wet multiple
Starting Kick Start / Self Start
Timing Gear Single overhead Cam
Cooling System Forced Air
Head Light High Low Beam 12V / 35W
Tail Light/Brake Light LED Type 12v 1.4W x 4
Turn Signal 12 V, 1.4W x 4
Side Reflector L/R Orange. 1125mm2
Horse Power 12.0 hp/800rpm
Torque 11Nm/6000rpm
Engine Type Single Cylinder-SOHC, 4 Stroke – Air Cooled


road prince robinson 150cc motor bike features
road prince robinson 150cc motor bike features

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