Facelift Introduced for 2022
Review 2021

        BMW X7 SUV (2019-2021)

  • Sold in the USA = 2019-2021
  • 1st Generation Pre-facelift
  • Status = Facelift introduced from 2022

BMW X7 SUV Price in the USA in 2021:

BMX X7 M50i Sports Activity  Starts at: $100,795
BMW X7 xDrive40i Sports Activity Starts at: $75,895

 “The third-row seat in BMW X7 is comfortable enough for long drives and road trips with the family.”

BMW X7’s three-row crossover SUV is said to be the biggest and most luxurious SUV ever produced by the company. The X7 comes with an option of either a three-seat bench or a pair of captain’s chairs in the second row. The X7 is bigger better and more noticeable on roads, in fact, it likes to be noticed so much that the BMW badge on the front is even bigger than the regular one due to the vehicle’s enormous size. While I might have discussed the seating capacity on X7, in reality, it’s not just about stuffing up people inside. Instead, it’s a luxurious outlook on German engineering. The X7 gets its feel from the 7 series and 8er completing the three-flagship fleet of BMW. Therefore BMW X7 stands above the other SUV offered as it defines luxury and class side by side. Noticeably enough BMW has used its full name i.e. Bayerische Motoren Werke as a custom to top brands using their full names for the premium product lines offered by them, call it a custom.

Engine, Power & Ride Quality:

BMW X7 SUV is powered by two different engines according to the choice of consumers. The lower one is a turbocharged 3.0L straight-six engine with 335 HP.  Whereas the more aggressive engine option in X7 comes as a 4.4L V8 twin-turbo engine kicking 464HP.  Both engines are married to an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive four-corner air suspension as standard. As one might expect, the smaller 3.0L straight-six drives quietly and gently as it should. However, in the case of V8, the acceleration is more brutal with charming performance and growling noise on the roads. There is a standard air suspension with adaptive damping offered in both trims which accounts for a steady ride quality on the road while cruising in the comfort mode. However, the sports mode unlocks horses from the engine block. As for the off-road fanatics which I highly suspect would take an X7 to off-road terrain, you can get an off-road package that includes an electronic limited-slip differential and off-road driving modes along with a front skid plate to protect the engine from damage. As for the issue that the X7 actually is gigantic as compared to vehicles parked in the city around it, the BMW Reverse Assistant makes it easier to back out from a tight spot as it reads the exact steering movements when you are rolling inside the parking spot for up to 50 meters.  Henceforth you drive into a tight parking space and your BMW will automatically back you up by steering itself slowly. Impressive right?

Exterior Photos:

BMW X7 the Big Bold Full Size SUV
BMW X7 the Big Bold Full-Size SUV

BMW X7 the Ultimate luxury Big SUV
BMW X7 the Ultimate luxury Big SUV

BMW X7 a Gigantic SUV by the company
BMW X7 a Gigantic SUV by the company

Inside BMW X7:

On the inside BMW X7 is just as much of a luxury to ride as it is a charm to drive. There are no cheap seats offering less comfort. In fact, all the 4 seats in front two rows have equal space to each other. You get your separate air-con, cup holder, and book reading lights. Therefore even though it is a 7-seater, it’s overall equally comfortable. Yes, the seat adjustments are electric which may be modern but painfully slow too.

The infotainment system used is a 12.3-inches BMW X7 top-notch BMW’s Version 7.0 with excellent UI design along with an i-drive controller wheel which in my opinion is still the most efficient and best device to toggle around controls while driving. Other features include 10-speaker audio system, integrated navigation, wireless smartphone charging pad, and onboard WIFI. The list of luxuries goes up to heated front seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel, a panoramic sunroof, and 12-color interior ambient lighting for the cabin. The safety features of the BMW X7 include blind-spot monitoring with rear-cross traffic alert, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and lane departure warning.

Interior Photos:

BMW X7 and Expensive but Most Luxurious SUV in the Race
BMW X7 and Expensive but Most Luxurious SUV in the Race

Most Luxurious Interior by BMW in X7
Most Luxurious Interior by BMW in X7

6 Seated X7 with most Luxurious and Comfortable interior
6 Seated X7 with the most Luxurious and Comfortable interior

Competitors of BMW X7:

BMW X7 is in competition with the big brand vehicles such as Mercedes GLS-class, Audi Q7, Lincoln Navigator, and Land Rover Discovery.

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