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1020K 2021 Pakistan

2020-2021 JAC HFC 1020K Truck

Current Price 2021:

  • JAC HFC 1020k Truck = 20,50000/- PKR


The Pakistani automobile company Ghandhara Nissan Limited is an authorized manufacturer and supplier of Nissan, JAC, Renault, and Dongfeng vehicles in Pakistan. The JAC vehicles are assembled at the “Bin Qasim assembly” plant of Ghandhara Nisan, where the company can produce 4800 vehicles annually including three JAC trucks as well that are currently sold by the company, which are JAC X200, JAC HFC 1042K, and JAC HFC 1020K. The JAC HFC 1020K available today is the revised model of 2020, and it is the most economical yet powerful truck introduced by JAC. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a commercial truck as it has a strong-chassis and with its power steering having tilt steering column handling becomes easier. While on the other hand, when talking about its fuel consumption then its fuel economy makes it the first choice as it is-quite-economical to run. The driver’s cabin is elegant and comfortable, while the flat deck at its rear can be-customized into various forms according to your requirements, so no doubt is it quite versatile. Lastly, the powertrain of JAC HFC 1020k is strong and reliable and lets you drive the car with effective-safety features.

JAC HFC 1020k Medium Pickup truck title image
JAC HFC 1020k Medium Pickup truck title image

Variants & Versions:

The JAC HFC 1020K can-be-used in various forms according to your requirements. The flat deck at the back can be-designed into a dumper so it can transport dumps for construction, and it can be changed into a ladder truck like the fire brigade trucks with a ladder. You can also fix a tanker in its deck to transport petrol, milk, or any other liquids from one place to another. A crane configuration can also be-designed in its deck. The refuse truck is designed in a-way, so it collects municipal-solid wastes and transports them into landfills. The Troops Carrier form of it transfers troops. The most popular use of this truck is as a goods carrier so your commercial products can be transported easily and within time. Lastly, you can customize the deck into a refrigerator van with which the food-items can be transported, so it is best to flourish your food business.

Engine and Power:

The JAC HFC 1020K truck is powered by a 2771 cc in-line 04 cylinder diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 76 hp at 3600 RPM and a torque of 174 Nm at 2100 to 2300 RPM. It features a six-speed manual transmission with five forward and one reverse gear. It features hydraulic type brakes and leaf spring suspension at both front and rear axles.

Performance & Drive:

JAC HFC 1020K is a 4X2 drivetrain truck that means the torque is-given to any of the two wheels of 1020K that can be either front wheels or the rear wheels. It delivers you a wonderful-driving performance no matter how much load is-loaded. It delivers-power to either front or the rear wheels, depending on the type of situation. Secondly, the 2771 cc naturally aspirated diesel engine is strong and reliable that generates enough power to run the truck smoothly. It features a minimum turning radius that gives you better maneuverability for a smooth and balanced ride and the-hydraulic brakes also work efficiently, so it can apply brakes smoothly without causing any damage to the load loaded in its rear. This provides extra safety not only to the driver or the front passenger but also to the goods carried in its deck. It features power steering with a tilt steering column that helps the driver in controlling the vehicle with comparatively less effort, and it gives easy control over-the-vehicle. The 6-speed manual transmission also comes with smooth throttle changes, so the overall performance is not affected. Another plus point, as already mentioned above, is its fuel economy. It has a fuel tank capacity of 100 liters, and JAC HFC 1020K consumes less fuel as-compared-to other competitors. This is important from the commercial point of view, where you need to use it for everyday-purposes. On the-whole, JAC HFC 1020K delivers efficient driving performance despite how much load or passengers are-carried in it.

Exterior design and features:

JAC HFC 1020K is a 5285-millimeters long truck, with a width of 1695-millimeters and a height of 2170-millimeters. It features an elegant design with a front pronounced by an enlarged windscreen, and the lower essentials include a central silver grille flanked by two rectangular headlights. The door-handles and the side mirrors are colored black, while there is a 12 feet deck in its rear with a minimum ground clearance of 185 millimeters. The flat-deck can be customized-into a dumper, ladder truck, tanker, crane cargo, refuse truck, troops carrier, goods carrier, or a refrigerator van. It can carry a load or tow up to 3450 kilograms that means you can carry heavy-loads without affecting the overall-performance of the-vehicle. It features sixteen-inches steel wheels that come with 6.50R16 tires that give you a good road grip. The side mirrors can also-be-adjusted manually, and large side mirrors give a clear view of the vehicles coming from behind.

Interior design and features:

The cabin of JAC HFC 1020K has designed simply and elegantly, focussing on the convenience, and comfort of the drivers. The long journeys while transporting loads do no give drivers much fatigue. The front and driver’s seats are-covered with fabric that gives you a relaxing feel, and the driver’s seat comes with manual adjustments. The cabin can be tilted when required, and you will-be-given a 12 Volts power outlet along with a Radio and MP3 player for your entertainment. The big front screen gives you a clear vision of the road ahead, and the windshield wipers can be-controlled easily in case of rain. 

JAC HFC 1020k Medium Pickup truck front cabin interior
JAC HFC 1020k Medium Pickup truck front cabin interior

Safety & features:

 It is not a luxury truck equipped-with up-to-date safety features, but its brake effectiveness with better maneuverability enhances the overall-safety-of the vehicle.

Major competitors:


The starting price for JAC HFC 1020K is around 20.5 lacs Pakistani rupees, and it can-be-ordered from any of the 3S dealership networks of Nissan Ghandhara JAC Motors. It comes with a warranty period of two years or a 100,000 kilometers distance traveled.

Model: JAC HFC 1020K Truck Specifications & features


  •  Overall Dimensions  (mm)  =    L-5285* W-1695* H-2170
  • Wheelbase  (mm) =2800
  • Min Ground Clearance  (mm) = 185
  • GVW  (Kg) 5150
  • Curb Weight  (Kg)1700
  • Payload  (Kg) 3450
  • Maximum Greadeability  (%) = 30
  • Min Turning Radies  (m) = 6
  •  Engine Model : HFC4DA1TypeIn-Line-4,
  • Diesel Displacement  (cc)2771
  • Max Power  (hp/rpm)76/3600
  • Max Torque  (N.m/rpm)174/2100-2300
  • Clutch diameter  (mm) 240
  • Transmission 5 Forward 1 Reverse

Suspension Front: Suspension Leaf Springs

Suspension Rear: suspension leaf Springs

 Brake Type

  •  Hydraulic Brake


  • Front 6.50R16
  • Rear 6.50R16


  • Fuel Tank: 100 Liters
  • Audio Radio + MP3Battery  (Volts)12Vx1


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