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Suzuki Ravi Pakistan

2024 Suzuki Ravi Pakistan | Price, overview, review & photos -

2024 Suzuki Ravi Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Ravi  1,856,000/- PKR
Suzuki Ravi w/o Deck 1,781,000/- PKR

Suzuki Ravi Euro II is a 797 cc Micro or Mini Van produced by Suzuki company found in Pakistan. Mostly Used to Carry Baggage within and out of the city. It is quite powerful to transfer things from one place to another place. Mostly used by families of less income to earn money doing some work using Ravi as a part-time. some work using Ravi as a part-time. If we see the design of this car it is quite good looking and has a seating capacity of 2 members only having no air conditioner no seat belts and no other features included It can be said that it is cut down version of Bolan because the front of this car has so much similarity with Bolan.

Suzuki Ravi Detailed Overview & Review:

Suzuki Cars seldom change generations and remain in the same generation, not for years but decades, especially for the Pakistani Market. One of the well-known examples is the vehicle currently under discussion Suzuki Ravi which is still in its 1st generation for the last 30 years while the international version/generation of this Ravi Vehicle found in Pakistan has reached its 12th generation that is totally different from the Ravi even it doesn’t feel the upgraded version of Suzuki Ravi

Suzuki Ravi Complete Exterior View
Suzuki Ravi Complete Exterior View

Read about 12th Generation Suzuki Carry Launched internationally.

Exterior Design & Features:

Suzuki carry could be called the cut-down version of Suzuki Carry Dabba or Suzuki Bolan which is also in its same 1st generation from the last 30 years even with the worst build quality of its all-life spam. As it is a cut-down version of Bolan that is why the exterior of the commercial vehicle is much similar to the same black Grille, Square headlamps, Black Side Mirrors, Black door handles, Black Bumper, and so-called foglamps/indicators. The major difference between Bolan and Ravi is the number of seats and the purpose of the vehicle; Suzuki Ravi is a loader vehicle that is used for commercial purposes for carting luggage, equipment, and other things from market to market or home to home Bolan accommodates the persons and used for Middle-class families in Pakistan to travel Moreover Bolan is also used for commercial purposes like pick and drop. Suzuki Ravi is of the same length as Bolan with an overall length of 3195 mm from which 1/3 consists of a cabin with 2 seats and the remaining area is cargo/luggage with no features like lights, string, etc but just a simple flatbed.

Suzuki Ravi title image
Suzuki Ravi title image

Suzuki Ravi front view
Suzuki Ravi front view

Suzuki Ravi side view
Suzuki Ravi side view

Suzuki Ravi Rear and Side View
Suzuki Ravi Rear and Side View

Interior Design & Features:

No change to the interior as well in all these years; same old low build quality interior with all Manual functions including Manual Steering wheel and Manual Transmission, Manual Windows, No cup holders, Nor Armrest but recently seats belts and Audio Device Tape/Radio has been added as a standard feature in all these years. No airbags or other safety features are present in the Ravi and Build quality is also worsen than ever before with the same old body framework.

2020 Suzuki Bolan interior
2020 Suzuki Bolan interior

Engine and Power:

In 2012 Suzuki Ravi is upgraded with a 796cc OHC 3-cylinder Euro 2 Engine paired with 4-speed manual transmission. It generates 37 horsepower @5000 Rpm with 67nm@3000 Rpm of torque while after upgrading to a Euro-II EFI engine fuel economy has been increased to 12-14 KM/L combined.

Pros & Cons:


  • Spacious Trim
  • Can Bear Sever Beatings
  • Affordable Maintenance
  • Relatively Cheap Compared to Other Mini Pickup Trucks in its Category
  • Spare Parts are Highly Available
  • Good Loading Capacity


  • No safety
  • Low Quality
  • Poor Handling
  • Nor Basic features
  • Manual Controls.
  • High Price Compared to Other Chinese Models
  • same Shape for Decades


In Pakistan, the price of Ravi is high as compared to the quality and the Reason for this much price is the absence of any Major competitor in the Market Recently due to the arrival of new Player like FAW sales has declined a lot and people prefer FAW Carrier instead of RAVI.

Major Competitors:

FAW Carrier, Changan M9, Mushtaq KY10

Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase

Load deck size,  length

width height

3,234 mm                    (127.3 in)

1,395 mm                      (54.9 in)

1,650 mm                      (65.0 in)

1,840 mm                      (72.4 in)

1,940 mm                      (76.4 in)

1,320 mm                      (52.0 in)

290 mm                      (11.4 in)

Curb weight Seating capacity

Maximum loading capacity

650 kg (1,433 lbs)

2 persons

600 kg (1,323 lbs) – (including two persons)

Maximum horsepower Maximum torque 27.5 kW (37.0 HP) at 5,000 rpm (SAE•NET)

62.0 N.m (6.32 kg-m, 41.9 lb-ft)

at 3,000 rpm (SAE•NET)


Number of cylinders Bore


Piston displacement Distributorless Ignition (DLI)

Water-cooled, OHC & EFi 3

68.5 mm

72.0 mm 796 cc

Transmission type 4-forward all synchromesh, 1-reverse
Wheel rim

Tyre size (tube type)

Suspension type, front


Steel 4.5-12


Leaf Spring

Turning radius 4.1 m (13.5 ft)
Fuel tank 36 L
Seat belt Immobilizer Front Remote Type

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  • Its such a good and great article its also very informative for users.

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