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Pak Hero PH 70 Pakistan

Pak Hero PH 70 (2011-2013)

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2011-2013
  • Status = Discontinued
  • Technology = Euro-II
  • Pak Hero PH 70cc Price in Pakistan = 30000 to 40,000/- PKR  (As Per Condition & Mode)

Pak Hero has become a strong company that has delivered solid and affordable bikes for ten years in Pakistan. It has developed a bond of trust among customers that spending money on Pak Hero is fruitful. The PH 70 of Pak Hero is a 4-stroke engine bike with a wet-type multi-clutch, and it delivers efficient performance. It gives you durability and reliability in its execution and is considered the best bike for beginners because it is an easy-to-handle bike that provides you stability. Another good thing about Pak Hero PH 70 is its price which is quite economical and increases opportunities for even the labor class to purchase their vehicle. The resale value of Pak Hero PH 70 is good because you can get a significant amount of money any time you sell your PH 70 because of its demand. The maintenance of PH 70 is also not an issue, and you get the spare parts readily at low rates. The Euro II technology in Pak Hero PH 70 makes it a fuel-efficient bike. It makes your long-route journeys economical and affordable. The looks of this bike are also not bad, and it gives you a decent and elegant outlook.

Performance & Ride:

The Pak Hero PH 70 runs on a 70cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with a 4-speed transmission. The 4-speed transmission and its multiple wet plates deliver excellent performance, and there is no complaint about its throttle changes. The precise throttle changes play a crucial role in providing you with a smooth and balanced ride. It has a dry load of 80 kilograms which makes it the best option for beginners. The steadiness and straightforwardness of Pak Hero PH 70 have made it a stable ride, so the rider rides it confidently. It comes with drum brakes on the front and rear that make the braking system nicely workable, and its brakes do not disturb the stability of the ride. It comes with kick-start technology which sometimes irritates the rider when starting the engine abruptly in traffic. The suspension system of the bike is also satisfactory, and it gives you a stable ride. It makes the handling of the bike easier for the learners. It has a ground clearance of 135 millimeters.

Fuel Economy:

The Euro II compliance in a 4-stroke engine gives you impressive fuel efficiency by giving you a mileage of 60 kilometers per liter with a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters. It gives you the best performance when running at a speed of 50 to 60 kilometers per hour.

Exterior Design and Build Quality:

The latest model of Pak Hero PH70 has an elegant design with eye-catching new graphics, and it has an aerodynamic shape. The Pak Hero logo is beautifully stamped on its fuel tank. The bike’s low weight makes handling easy, while the durable backbone frame makes it a rigid street bike and gives you a reliable performance. The bike’s design is simple with a square headlamp on the front and a speedometer that shows clear visuals. Two side mirrors are attached to the handle, and the quality of the handles is not bad. The seventeen-inch tires on the front and the rear are average in quality and give good stability and road grip. The seat is spacious and comfortable making your journey easy. It can be used for family use as its seat is big to accommodate two children with you. It comes with a wet-type multi-plate clutch.

User Reviews:

The Pak Hero PH 70 is mainly loved by users because of its fuel economy, light-weighted body, and resale value. Most customers prefer it among other 70cc bikes because of its economical price and its lifetime resale value. Overall, it is a fantastic bike that gives you an efficient ride, but some users are not satisfied with its ride quality, and they found vibrations when riding at higher speeds. Moreover, in comparison with other brands of bikes of the same capacity, the engine does not run longer means after two years there must be work. The build quality of Pak Hero PH 70 is also not up to the mark, and it gives you a cheap-looking outlook.

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