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Review 2023
UNITED US 70 Pakistan

2023 United US 70 Motorcycle

2023 United US 70 Price in Pakistan
Price Effective from 11-April-2023

United US 70 cc, Standard 100,500/- PKR
United US 70 cc Alloy Rims 106,500/- PKR

United has been providing us with motorcycles high in mileage and low in price tag and serving layman’s needs. United has always focused on durability and comfort, and it designs its bikes keeping in view the rider’s comfort. The United US 70 is one of the new entrants by United in local markets, and it prioritizes your comfort. It has been equipped with all the features a 70cc bike has, and the best part is that it is cheaper than other 70cc bikes and provides better mileage than all. The United US 70 is a 4-stroke, 70cc engine bike that comes with a mid-size fuel tank and gives you outstanding performance. It is available in red and black color options and the customers like both. It comes with a 4-speed transmission system and kick-start technology, while shock absorbers are good also. It provides a more comfortable and durable seat, and the quality of the materials is good. Another good thing about United Bikes is that if any part of the bike is damaged, you can replace it from the closest United dealership. It means its service and maintenance are hassle-free.

Performance & Ride:

The United US 70 gets its power from a 4-stroke, OHC, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 78cc engine that offers a 4-speed transmission system, and the transmission system comes with quick and easy gear changes that keep the performance of the bike smooth. It comes with strong-shock absorbers that absorb the jerks and irregularities when moving over uneven roads and streets and does not give you the feel of riding on a Rickshaw. The engine is more efficient and powerful than before to deliver a good riding performance to match the performance of its rivals. The United US 70 comes with mechanical drum brakes at the front and the rear, which is not bad for a 70cc bike and keeps the ride safe. The fuel tank capacity of United US 70 is just average, so it makes it the best bike for daily city traveling. It has a spacious seat that can accommodate your two children, used as a family vehicle in our country. The lower price tag has made it accessible to the lower class. Lastly, we will be talking about the start system of United US 70, a kick-start that does not show a problem and starts the bike with a single kick.

Mileage & Top Speed:

The United US 70 gives you a mileage of 70 kilometers per liter as told by the company but easily reaches up to 55-60 km/L and has a fuel tank capacity of 8.5 liters. It gives you a top speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour but works well at 60 to 70 kilometers per hour with better fuel economy.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The design of the United US 70 is simple yet elegant. The overall design of the United US 70 is the same as the previous model, but you can find some new graphics. United logo is encrypted beautifully on the fuel tank, and the fuel tank is kept more petite in size, while the seat is made longer in dimension, giving more space to the passengers. The seat has made you more comfortable than before so you can enjoy the journey. The front end has a striking square headlight, and the handlebars are good in quality, while the speedometer is also attractive. You will get lockable side covers, and the chrome rear shocks come with matching upper glass. The Build quality of United US 70 is excellent, so it can confidently compete with the heavy names.

User Reviews:

The United US 70 claims to give you a good performance and competes heavily with all its rivals, but the users are much disappointed by United US 70. The only thing appraised by them is the fuel average, but other than this, most users don’t like the outdated style of the bike, which looks cheap, and the performance of the bike is terrible, as it may give missing vibrations. Secondly, the services provided by the company are so slow that the users face problems when going to get some parts repaired or replaced. Users even prefer buying 2nd hand Honda 70cc on United US 70.

Pros & Cons:


  • Better Fuel Average
  • Less Expensive
  • Cheap Spare Parts
  • Powerful Engine


  • Weak Dealership
  • Missing Vibrations
  • Low Build Quality
  • Spare Parts not Widely Available

Major Competitors:

Specification US 70cc
Engine Type 4-Stroke OHC Single Cylinder cooled by Air
Displacement 78cc
Compression 8.1:1
Front Brake Drum Mechanical
Rear Brake Drum mechanical
Transmission 4-Speed
Starting System Arm Assy Kick
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.5 Litre
Tyre Front 2.25-17/4PR
Tyre Rear 2.50-17/4PR
Battery 12 Volt
Engine Oil 0.7 Litre

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