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Suzuki GD 110 S Pakistan

2023 Suzuki GD 110S

2023 Suzuki GD 110S Motor Bike Price in Pakistan
Price Effective from 9-May-2023

Suzuki GD 110S 335,000/- PKR

The Suzuki GD 110 is a Chinese bike assembled in Pakistan with fine quality and reliability. It is not only good for your daily traveling but also suitable for long-route commuting. The bike is stylish in looks and powered by a 110cc air-cooled engine. It comes with a kick-start plus electric technology and offers a 4-speed manual transmission. The 2021 model of Suzuki GD 110S 

is available in three color options that are red, black, and blue. It gives you a good performance and road grip due to its 17-inches tube tire that provides stability during the ride. Suzuki claims they are providing quality in style when they talk about Suzuki GD 110S. It offers you a digital speedometer that gives it a sporty look and stylish graphics enhance its beauty. It comes with aluminum wheels and an elegant headlight and fenders. The spare parts of the Suzuki GD 110S are readily available all over Pakistan and under an economical budget which means the maintenance of this bike is not difficult. Now talking about its resale value, then it gives you an average resale value with a cut down in its original price. The price of the Suzuki GD 110S is not too high nor too low, and different banks also provide installment plans, so you can avail yourself of one of them if you are willing to buy Suzuki GD 110S in your budget.

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Performance & Ride: 

The Suzuki GD 110S gets its power from a 110cc, SOHC, 4-Stroke, air-cooled engine with a displacement of 113 cm3. The engine has a compression ratio of 9:5:1. It has telescopic suspension at the front and swingarm suspension at the rear, which gives a well-tuned suspension system. The drum brakes at the front and back make the braking system effective but it misses the disc brake which is more reliable. The 4-speed manual gearbox works efficiently and applies gears smoothly. The bike doesn’t come with an electric start, but the kick-start technology doesn’t bother much to the riders much. This 108-kilogram bike hails much no matter if a load is loaded on it, and that’s why it is also used by delivery and courier companies to transport your stuff. The 17-inches tire gives you stability in rides and makes the ride less bumpy as compared to Honda bikes. Handling of Suzuki GD 110S is easy, making journeys convenient. The bike has a ground clearance of 140 millimeters which gives you more road grip. It provides you with a comfortable trip known, especially for its comfort, handling, and durability.

Fuel Economy & Top Speed:

The Suzuki GD 110S is a fuel-efficient motorbike and its fuel consumption is one of the best factors compared to its competitors. It gives you an average mileage of 55 kilometers per liter and has a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters, and this is no doubt a nice fuel economy with a 110cc engine, it has a reserve fuel capacity of 1 liter. It can give a top speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour which is impressive without vibrating.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The 2021 Suzuki GD 110S is available in 3 color options, and it has a basic Suzuki design. It has standard round headlights in old models while the new year model has an updated design, stylish fenders, and a beautifully designed mudguard. It has a digital speedometer that is simple and elegant and shows indicator symbols and gear numbers. It has black-colored chrome-plated mufflers, and the seat has a stair-type design that not only looks stylish but is also comfortable. It has aluminum wheels and 17 inches tube tires that look beautiful. The seat’s height is nicely adjusted so the rider can rest his foot on the ground when he stops the bike at the signals. The quality of the motorbike is good and clearly competitive with Honda motorbikes and makes your bike durable for all weather.

User Reviews:

Most customers love the looks and design of the bike Suzuki GD 110S, and they are satisfied with its performance. It gives an impressive top speed and fuel economy. The bike’s performance is also exceptional, but it gives a lower fuel economy on long-route journeys. The company claims it to be a durable and reliable bike, but its quality is not impressive. Some of the users are not satisfied with the quality of its side indicators which do not work well, and then users have to spend money on its maintenance.

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  • Wheelbase (mm) =
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm) =
  • Dry weight (kg) =
  • Wheel Type =


  • Engine type =
  • Number of Cylinder =
  • Displacement (cc) =
  • Compression ratio =
  • Bore x stroke (mm) =
  • Starter system =
  • Ignition Type =


  • Fuel tank capacity=
  • Seating capacity =


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  • Front brake =
  • Rear brake =
  • Suspension front =
  • Suspension rear =
  • Tires front =
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suzuki GD 110s motor bike features list
suzuki GD 110s motor bike features list

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