Expected: 45-55 Lac PKR
Review 2023
MG 6 Pro Pakistan

2023 MG 6 Pro

  • Expected Launch in Pakistan: 2023-2024
  • Expected Price in Pakistan: 45,000,00 PKR
  • 3rd Generation

MG 6 Pro is the optically modified version of MG 6 which, was first introduced in China. It is a bit more aggressive in looks than the regular MG 6. The MG 6 was introduced by British automobile company MG Motors in 2010, and its 2nd generation hit the market in 2016. The facelifted MG 6 launched in July 2020 in China, and now 2021 brings another new trim-level of MG 6, MG 6 Pro. It has been revealed in China, but the people in China are also waiting for the official launch of MG 6 Pro, promised by the company soon. The MG 6 Pro has introduced fully digital instrumentation in the cabin. The exterior is different from the traditional MG 6 in that it has conventionally designed headlights, redesigned front bumper, and a fierce-looking rear spoiler. There is news that MG 6 Pro is coming to Pakistan soon. This news was confirmed by the Tweet of Javed Afridi in which he teased MG 6 Pro and told hints of its launch in Pakistan. The video uploaded on his Twitter account showed the exterior and interior design of the vehicle. It is expected that MG 6 Pro is coming to Pakistan, but the actual date of its launch is still to be announced by MG Motors. MG Motors did not confirm some of the vehicles teased by Javed Afridi until now, but we expect this upcoming 3rd generation of MG 6 Pro to come to Pakistan soon.

3rd generation mg6 pro sedan title image
3rd generation mg6 pro sedan title image

Variants Available:

No information about the variants of MG 6 to be launched in Pakistan is confirmed yet. The teaser released by Javed Afridi showed the PRO TRIM level of MG 6 which means the MG 6 Pro is expected for Pakistan.

Engine & Transmission:

The all-new MG 6 Pro will have 1.5 liters, 3-cylinder, turbocharged engine that will generate a maximum of 181 hp power at 5600 RPM and 258 Nm of torque at 4300 RPM. It will deliver a front-wheel-drive feature, and it offers a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The suspension and brakes of the vehicle are updated and tuned efficiently.

Performance & Drive:

The 1498 cc turbocharged engine is powerful enough to deliver you a quality ride. The seven-speed dual-clutch automatic changes the gears seamlessly let you drive your car efficiently and accelerate to a top speed of 210 kilometers per hour efficiently. Overall, you will have a safe and quality ride that engages forward every time you get behind the wheel. The exciting thing is that the small displacement engine is neither sluggish nor peppy, and it strikes a balance between power and fuel economy. It is not only a perfect car for daily city tours and chores, but it also works equally well on highways when you have to accelerate the car on smooth roads. It takes about 7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, which is super fast. The suspension system will also be finely tuned, so when you have to cross an even pavement or the breakers, the quality of your ride will not be compromised. The MG 6 Pro is reviewed just in handling by the customers as the steering understeers here and there and gives average maneuvering. The cruising is made fun only because of its shocks and dampers that absorb all the bumps and breakers and make your ride thrilling. The braking system is also quite efficient as it offers full disc brakes and lets you apply the brakes smoothly without giving you jerks. Some features like auto-hold function, electronic brakes, and reverse camera increase the convenience of driving and give drivers extra confidence. The fuel economy will be good as it claims to consume 6 to 7 liters of petrol giving you a mileage of 100 kilometers in the city. It must be noted here that these specs about the performance are assumed from the MG 6 Pro revealed in China, and nothing confirmed can be said about its performance once the car is actually in use in our country.

Exterior Design & Features:

The MG 6 Pro looks more sporty and fierce than the regular MG 6. It will have a redesigned front with a dominant grille and conventionally designed headlamps. The brand’s logo is also embossed more beautifully and strikes every eye. The MG logo is encrypted on a small piece, developed between the front grille and hood. The hood is also redesigned, and the rear spoiler now matches with the rear bumper. The rear end has two chutes and a diffuser, and the black-colored trim strikes behind the red brake calipers.

Interior Design & Features:

The cabin will be redesigned from the regular MG 6. The video released shows the styling of the interior, which now has fully digital instrumentation. The seats and steering wheel will have premium leather upholstery, and the steering wheel will have a three-spoke design and paddle shifters. You will find a large-sized 10.1 inches infotainment screen mounted in the dashboard’s center, and physical buttons are underneath. The standard features will be given to you in the cabin like ambient lighting, dual-zone climate control feature, power windows, and doors, push-start button, keyless entry, and air conditioning system.

3rd generation mg6 pro sedan steering wheel and infotainment screen view
3rd generation mg6 pro sedan steering wheel and infotainment screen view

3rd generation mg6 pro sedan beautiful front cabin interior view
3rd generation mg6 pro sedan beautiful front cabin interior view

Safety & Features:

Some of the basic safety features expected in the upcoming MG 6 Pro are as follows:

  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Traction Control system
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Auto-hold feature
  • Reverse camera
  • Airbags
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Automatic Braking
  • Adaptive Cruise Control

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