Expected: 50,000,00 PKR
Review 2023
Changan UNI V

2023 Changan UNI V 

  • Expected Launch in Pakistan = 2023 or 2024
  • Expected Price in Pakistan = 60-70 Lac PKR
  • 1st Generation 

The UNI V by Changan Motors was introduced in 2021 as a compact car with a front-engine and front-wheel-drive. It is the third vehicle by Changan in UNI Series, and it is the first sedan introduced in this series. The Changan UNI V is developed on the Modular Platform Architecture that makes the highly rigid and lightweight UNI V body. Master Changan Motors Limited is bringing imported Changan vehicles to Pakistan, and it has become a new entrant in the local automobile industry. Master Changan Motors Limited is now planning to introduce the third vehicle of the UNI Series in Pakistan. The Changan UNI T and Changan UNI K were previously imported to Pakistan to test on roads locally, and it is expected that both of these cars will launch this year in Pakistan. The UNI T will be founded in August 2022, and Changan UNI K will launch in December 2023 or 2024. Changan Motors has always been looking forward to introducing new entrants in Pakistan’s market, and we are highly expected to see UNI V CBU units soon in Pakistan. The Changan UNI V will be launched after UNI K and UNI T. We have little information about the exact dates and prices of this vehicle in Pakistan. All the information shared in this article will be of the international Changan UNI V, and we expect the upcoming Pakistani UNI V to be similar to the global model. The Changan UNI V will be creating a new experience for sedan users and will be equipped with innovative technology. The unique aesthetics and technology introduced in UNI V have won numerous fans all around the globe. It comes with an IMS intelligent cockpit system that understands the user more efficiently and provides the latest technology. The Changan Ark Architecture platform of Changan UNI V lowers the vehicle’s mass by 30 millimeters. The front seat height is lowered by 39 millimeters, and the engine crankshaft center is lowered by 12 millimeters. It has helped to make a lightweight and rigid UNI V, and it had already won the top ten bodywork award in China in 2021, even before its launch.

Changan UNI V sedan 1st Generation title image
Changan UNI V sedan 1st Generation title image

Trims & Variants:

The Changan UNI V will be available in only a single trim level, but a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and a hybrid powertrain will soon be introduced in the future.

Engine & Power:

The Changan UNI V is powered by a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that generates 138 kW (185 horsepower) and can reach a maximum speed of 205 kilometers per hour. It offers a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Performance & Drive:

The Changan UNI V delivers powerful performance with highly futuristic technology and aesthetics. The short overhang and long axle of the Changan UNI V improve the vehicle’s handling. The larger front and rear wheel span with a larger axle length ratio contributes to better pitch resistance and gives high stability to the drivers when driving. The UNI V’s wheel height is less than the car’s height, and the lower car’s height brings lower wind resistance, making the acceleration more stable and the braking system more efficient. The 25 kilograms of downforce and 0.007 wind resistance coefficient increase body stability and reduce fuel consumption. Its latest instrument panel enhances the performance, showing speed and navigation with a 10-degree eye movement, giving you a wider field of vision. The front seat in UNI V is lowered by 39 millimeters and provides a flexible layout so drivers can drive the car comfortably even when the journey is long. The steering wheel is multifunctional and has controls so that you can manage different things with the touch of a button. The body is strengthened and made rigid by increasing the lower body by 25 kilograms and decreasing the upper body by 31 kilograms to provide a highly protected ride quality. The suspension system is tuned well to soak all the odds and bumps of the road, keeping the ride smooth, and the braking system is efficient enough to apply brakes smoothly.

Exterior Design & Features:

The design of Changan UNI V is sporty with exaggerated waistlines an agile V-shape design, and a hidden handle design that makes it look simple yet sophisticated. It has a fastback design, a top-line angle of 150 degrees, and the angle between the roof, and rear glass is 180 degrees, making the car sporty and smooth. The front has a borderless grille in the center with a parametric design transforming the trim pieces of the grille from quadrilateral into triangular, giving a sci-fi feel. There are narrow and sharp headlamps on the sides of the grille, and the newly designed flattened V badge adds a futuristic feel to the vehicle. The rear has a power lift wing raised and lowered automatically according to the speed. There is a narrow LED strip running across the width of the rear end that looks stunning, and sleek LED tail lamps on both sides give an aesthetic appearance.

Interior Design & Features:

The inside of Changan UNI V is aesthetic and comfortable, you will find hidden air vents, integrated center buttons, and a multifunctional steering wheel when you move inside the car. There is a 3 plus 1 quadruple screen layout in it that is inspired by the MOBIUS ring, appearing as two screens staggered on the surface and internally connected as one. The hovering instrument panel is positioned above the steering wheel to read the vehicle’s information, such as speed and navigation. The cockpit has an interaction system, coming with infrared cameras and RGB cameras placed above the steering wheel so the users can log into an ecological app of the car automatically through FACE ID. It gives you features like exclusive greetings, sight lighting, answering calls, fatigue driving reminders, navigating home and taking photos, and recording videos inside the car. The seats in Changan UNI V are designed ergonomically by lowering the seating position by 39 millimeters so providing a better fit and more balanced pressure release so you can enjoy a long journey more comfortably. There are orange trim lines throughout the cabin, adding stylish touch, and you will be given the facility of SUPER RACE TRACK mode that adds ambient lights, an exclusive track theme, and a UI switch at the touch of a button. The cockpit of Changan UNI V is known as GAME COCKPIT, changing the cabin into a shared gaming room so you can turn your mobile phones into gamepads through a Wi-Fi connection when taking breaks in parking lots. The car comes with various gaming options so the user can select the game of his choice.

Safety & Features:

As the car has already won many awards for its bodywork but still many standard safety features make the Changan UNI V safer for users;

  • Blindspot monitoring system
  • Forward collision warning alarm
  • Lane-keeping Assist
  • Automatic emergency brakes
  • Airbags

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