33,000,0 PKR
Review 2024
Derbi STX 150 Pakistan

2024 Derbi STX 150

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2018-Present
  • Technology = 150 cc single cylinder four stroke air cooled

2024 Derbi STX 150 Price in Pakistan

Derbi STX 150 33,000,0/- PKR

Derbi Pakistan is a joint venture between Piaggio and Ravi Automobiles Private Limited, and it has introduced two distinct models of Derbi motorcycles in the Pakistani market. Today, we will delve into the details of the Derbi STX 150. The Derbi STX 150 is a street motorcycle powered by a 150cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. This engine configuration ensures a balance of power and fuel efficiency. The bike’s design focuses on versatility and practicality, allowing it to tackle various riding conditions, ranging from everyday city commuting to longer-distance touring adventures. Sporting a dynamic and aggressive appearance, the STX 150 catches the eye with its fully digital instrument panel, LED headlight, and sharp bodywork. These features contribute to its modern and striking aesthetic. Moreover, the motorcycle offers a comfortable and upright riding position, thanks to a wide handlebar and a spacious seat capable of accommodating both the rider and the passenger.

The Derbi STX 150 incorporates several notable features to enhance its performance and safety. It is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, ensuring effective and reliable braking capabilities. Additionally, the motorcycle features a telescopic fork suspension system at the front and a mono-shock rear suspension setup. These suspension components work together to provide a balanced and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and irregularities encountered on the road. With a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters, the Derbi STX 150 allows for extended rides without frequent refueling stops. The bike claims a top speed of approximately 120 km/h, making it capable of handling highway speeds with ease. Ravi Automobiles offers the Derbi STX 150 in Pakistan, which is a Chinese-manufactured Italian motorcycle. In the local market, it faces competition from other reputable brands and models such as the Suzuki GS 150, Road Prince 150 Wego, Honda CB 150F, and Road Prince 150 Robinson. The presence of these competing models presents customers with a range of options to choose from, depending on their preferences and requirements.

In summary, Derbi Pakistan, a collaboration between Piaggio and Ravi Automobiles, introduces the Derbi STX 150 to the Pakistani motorcycle market. This street motorcycle embodies versatility and practicality, featuring a powerful 150cc engine, sporty design elements, and a comfortable riding position. With its array of features, including disc brakes and a well-engineered suspension system, the Derbi STX 150 offers a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience.

Engine & Performance:

The Derbi STX 150 is equipped with a robust 150cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. This air-cooled engine incorporates an overhead camshaft (OHC) configuration, ensuring efficient power delivery. It is paired with a 5-speed transmission system, allowing riders to smoothly shift gears according to their riding needs. The engine generates approximately 12.0 horsepower at 7000 RPM and produces 10.8 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM. The STX 150’s engine strikes a balance between fuel efficiency and performance, making it suitable for both sporty and practical riding experiences. It utilizes a carburetor fuel system and features an electric starter for convenience. Moreover, the engine complies with Euro 3 emissions standards, demonstrating its adherence to environmental regulations.

The performance of the Derbi STX 150 is well-regarded by riders and reviewers alike. Its power output is sufficient for navigating city streets as well as cruising on highways, with a claimed top speed of around 120 km/h. This ensures a thrilling and enjoyable ride across various terrains. The STX 150’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for daily commuting as well as weekend touring adventures. To enhance rider comfort and handling, the STX 150 is equipped with a well-engineered suspension system. At the front, it features a 41 mm telescopic fork that can be adjusted for preload. This adjustability allows riders to fine-tune the suspension to their preferences and adapt to different road conditions. The telescopic fork provides effective damping, minimizing the impact of bumps and uneven surfaces for a smoother ride.

At the rear, the STX 150 utilizes a mono-shock suspension system that is also adjustable for preload. The mono-shock is positioned beneath the seat and connected to a swingarm, promoting centralized weight distribution. This design improves overall handling and stability, ensuring confidence-inspiring control. Similar to the front suspension, the mono-shock provides excellent damping performance, enhancing rider comfort and control, especially when traversing rough terrain. Safety is a paramount consideration, and the Derbi STX 150 is equipped with a reliable braking system. It incorporates disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, delivering efficient stopping power in diverse riding conditions. This well-tuned braking system inspires confidence, whether riding in the city, embarking on long-distance journeys, or venturing into light off-road trails.

In summary, the Derbi STX 150 is a versatile and capable motorcycle that offers a balance of performance, comfort, and practicality. Its 150cc engine delivers sufficient power for various riding scenarios, while the adjustable telescopic front fork and mono-shock rear suspension ensure a smooth and controlled ride. The STX 150’s braking system provides reliable stopping power, making it suitable for city commuting, long-distance touring, and light off-road adventures.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Derbi STX 150 boasts a modern and sporty design that not only looks striking but also serves practical purposes. Its exterior design features sharp lines and angular bodywork, contributing to its dynamic and aggressive aesthetic. At the front, the STX 150 showcases a dual-headlamp design accompanied by a generously sized windscreen. This windscreen not only adds to the overall style but also provides effective wind protection, reducing rider fatigue during long rides. Complementing the front end is a short front fender, adding a touch of aggression to the motorcycle’s appearance. Moving to the sides, the STX 150 presents a spacious fuel tank integrated with shrouds. These shrouds serve a dual purpose, offering an efficient knee grip for the rider and enhancing overall riding comfort. With a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters, the STX 150 provides ample fuel storage for daily commuting and shorter trips, reducing the need for frequent refueling.

At the rear, the STX 150 boasts a narrow tail section that exudes a sleek and streamlined look. It is accompanied by a stylish LED taillight that enhances visibility and adds to the bike’s modern appeal. Additionally, the high-mounted exhaust pipe further contributes to the sporty aesthetics of the motorcycle. The seat of the STX 150 is designed with rider and passenger comfort in mind, utilizing high-quality materials that ensure a pleasant riding experience. Derbi is renowned for its solid build quality, and the STX 150 lives up to this reputation. The motorcycle is constructed to withstand the demands of daily use and diverse riding conditions, including both city streets and off-road trails. Its frame is crafted from high-quality steel, offering excellent strength and rigidity. The well-designed frame provides a stable and comfortable riding platform, ensuring confidence-inspiring handling even on rough and uneven terrains. Moreover, the components of the STX 150, including the suspension, brakes, and electrical system, are meticulously built and highly reliable. These components undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Furthermore, the bodywork of the motorcycle is crafted from durable and resilient materials, capable of withstanding scratches and impact damage, preserving the bike’s aesthetics over time.

In summary, the Derbi STX 150 stands out with its modern and sporty design. From the sharp lines and angular bodywork to the functional elements such as the windscreen, fuel tank, and tail section, every aspect is crafted with both style and functionality in mind. The motorcycle’s solid build quality, high-quality materials, and reliable components make it a resilient companion for riders in various riding conditions.

User Reviews:

The Derbi STX 150 has garnered widespread praise and positive reviews from both riders and industry experts. One of the key highlights of the STX 150 is its impressive performance. Equipped with a responsive engine, this motorcycle delivers excellent acceleration and ample power, allowing riders to enjoy dynamic and thrilling rides. Whether maneuvering through city streets or embarking on longer journeys, the STX 150’s engine proves to be capable and dependable. Rider and passenger comfort is another aspect where the STX 150 excels. The motorcycle features a well-padded seat that ensures a comfortable riding experience, even during extended journeys. Additionally, the riding position is designed to prioritize rider comfort, enabling a relaxed posture that minimizes fatigue. The incorporation of effective wind protection, such as the windscreen, further enhances rider comfort by reducing wind resistance and turbulence, allowing for an enjoyable and smooth ride.

The STX 150’s solid build quality is a testament to the Derbi brand’s commitment to manufacturing durable and reliable motorcycles. The utilization of high-quality components and robust materials ensures that the STX 150 is capable of withstanding the demands of various riding conditions. From the frame to the suspension and other crucial parts, each component is designed to offer stability, durability, and longevity. This robust construction contributes to the motorcycle’s overall reliability, providing riders with a trustworthy and capable companion. Considering its performance, comfort, and durability, the Derbi STX 150 is a suitable choice for riders seeking a versatile and dependable motorcycle. Its ability to adapt to different riding conditions makes it a popular option among riders who value reliability and capability. Whether navigating urban landscapes or venturing onto more challenging terrains, the STX 150 delivers a satisfying riding experience that is both enjoyable and dependable.


  • High Speed
  • Good Quality
  • Comfortable


  • High Price
  • No Resale value

Major Competitors:

Engine type Single cylinder, 4-stroke
Cubic capacity  149 cc
Bore and stroke 62 mm x 49.5 mm
Timing gear  Single overhead cam, 2 valves
Starter  Electric
Lubrication  Dry sump
Fuel supply system  KEIHIN 22 mm carburettor
Cooling forced air Forced air
Gearbox  5-speed
Clutch  Multiplate wet clutch
Frame  Single spar welded steel with pressed steel reinforcements
Front suspension  37 mm hydraulic forks Upside down
Rear suspension  2 hydraulic shock absorbers with separate cannisters, adjustable spring preload
Front brake  Ø 240 mm disc
with two piston caliper 
Rear brake 104 mm drum
Front wheel  Aluminium alloy 17″ x 2.15 
Rear wheel  Aluminium alloy 17″ x 2.75 
Front tyre  90/90-17″ 49S
Rear tyre  110/80-17″ 57S 
Length  2000 mm 
Width  760 mm
Wheelbase  1330 mm
Fuel tank  18 litres
Homologation  Euro 3

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