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Chery Tiggo 8 Pakistan

2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 (1st Generation)

  • Expected to be Launch in Pakistan: Nov 2021
  • Expected Price = 55-60 lacs PKR

Tiggo 8 was introduced by Cherry under the Tiggo series in china in 2018. This front-engine and front-wheel drive mid-size crossover was revealed at Beijing Auto Show held in China. A 1.6 litres four-cylinder engine was added later in the year 2019. The Cherry Tiggo 8 awarded best-entry level medium SUV for the year 2019 to 2020 in China by Chin Automotive Technology and Research-Center Co. Cherry has announced to launch Cherry Tiggo 8 globally in countries like Russia, Saudia Arabia, Russia, Chile, Uruguay, and Ukraine in 2021 at their 20th anniversary held on October 15th, 2020. 2021 brings a new Cherry Tiggo in China, which will soon launch in the Brazilian automotive markets. The new 2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 was revealed at the Sao Paulo Auto Show held in the United States. China’s 2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 is known for its Wider and spacious cabin, super-strong power, safe driving, and cutting-edge intelligent technology. It is built on the T1X platform, giving more headroom at the front and rear and ensuring better off-road performance. It is available with two engine choices; either a 1.5 litres turbocharged engine or a 1.6 litres turbocharged engine. United is also planning to bring Cherry Tiggo 8 to Pakistani automobile markets also.

1st generation chery tiggo 8 suv title image
1st generation chery tiggo 8 suv title image

Trims & Versions:

It is available in three trim levels that include Basic, Comfort, and Luxury trim. The Basic Trim features plastic trim pieces inside the cabin, 7 inches LCD, an air conditioning system, seventeen-inch alloy wheels, and standard safety features. The Comfort Trim is equipped with LED automatic headlights, soft and high-quality trim pieces used inside the cabin, multi-function buttons, and 10.25 inches LCD screen. The Luxury Trim features leather upholstery, 12.3 inches LCD instrumental panel, 10.25 inches infotainment screen, leather upholstery, and eighteen inches alloy wheels.

Engine & Power:

2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 is available with two engine choices; The 1.5 litres (1498cc) TCI DOHC 16 valve engine produces a maximum power of 115 kW (155 hp) at 5500 RPM and torque of 230 Nm at 1750 to 4000 RPM. The 1.6 TGDI 1598 cc displacement 16V DOHC engine produces peak power of 145 kW (195 HP) at 5500 RPM and torque of 290 Nm at 2000 to 4000 RPM. The GDI engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, while the 1.5 litres engine is mated with continuously varying automatic transmission.

Performance and Drive:

When talking about the driving performance of Tiggo 8, then it’s not bad or too good. It has been offered multiple with various driving modes, but if you want to run Tiggo 8 at its best, switch to Sport mode that will help it drive even in muddy tracks. The ample power and torque of the Tiggo 8 are good enough to run the front wheels efficiently, and it offers you two transmission options that are not bad, but its transmissions can not be considered the sharpest. If you don’t want a sporty drive, then it is recommended to drive it in Eco mode for daily use when you don’t want an immediate response to move on. The improved suspension of the Tiggo 8 enables more precise steering control, good tracking, and high reliability. The handling of this seven-seater is fair, and its steering response is also light, letting you turn and curve the car around twists and corners easily. The Acceleration of Tiggo 8 is average, but it’s fun to drive it if you get used to acceleration. When talking about the fuel economy, then Tiggo 8 is considered moderate again as it gives you 10 kilometres per litre in the city and fifteen kilometres per litre on highways. The latest technologies in Tiggo 8 make it an even comfortable and safe ride. Its features are advanced electronic control technology that replaces the traditional hand brake concept in vehicles that avoids unexpected accidents when you don’t remember to pull or release the hand brake. The six airbags introduced in Tiggo 8 make the ride safer as it works in conjunction with seat belts and provides maximum protection against collisions.

Exterior design and features:

2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 is known for its stylish fascia that features a tiger-crouching front face. The front end is made prominent by two chrome modelings that extend through the starry-sky grille and headlights. The streamlined body of Tiggo 8 is pronounced with three main lines contouring on its body. The LED headlamps are uniquely designed and provided with daytime running lights. The rear end is typical boxy shaped, giving it a traditional SUV look, and its sleek taillights are exceptional in appearance. The design of taillights is inspired by Chinese culture, the wooden pane in old Chinese architecture. The eighteen inches alloy wheels are designed in an artistic way giving Tiggo 8 more dignity.

Interior design and features:

The interior end of Cherry Tiggo 8 is known for its spacious cabin and cutting-edge technology. The higher-end trim features leather upholstery that gives a premium feel to the interior. The driver’s seat is six-ways electronically adjustable, and the H-type design further corporate in reducing fatigue during driving. The front centre armrest provides comfortable arm support to drivers and passengers. The panoramic sunroof enables you to enjoy the blue sky and let the fresh air enter the cabin. It is a seven-seater SUV, and the trunk’s capacity is enough to carry luggage for a family trip. A seven-inches LCD screen is used as an instrumental cluster, while 10.25 inches floating LCD screen is mounted on the central console to provide infotainment. The infotainment system is compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and CarLife functions. The physical buttons present with the infotainment system are easy to use and contribute to the cabin’s attractiveness. In contrast, the electronic shift lever and dashboard design further enhance the beautiful interior.

Safety features:

The body of Cherry Tiggo 8 is made up of high-strength steel whose torsional stiffness is up to 21000 Nm, and it improves the resistance in cases of accidents and collisions. Some of the safety features given in it are:

  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Six airbags
  • ABS
  • EBD
  • Traction control
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Rearview camera

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The Price for 2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 ranges from 129,000 yuan to 159,900 yuan. The expected Price of Cherry Tiggo in Pakistan is around 55-60 lacs PKR.


The outstanding performance and product power of Cherry Tiggo 8 made it the Best Entry-Level Medium and Large SUV in China for 2020 and 2021. The 2020 to 2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 continued to give its customers more SPACE, more COMFORT and SUPERIOR POWER, due to which its sales are going well. We expect a similar success of Tiggo 8 in other countries, including Pakistan, as Cherry has already announced the launch of Tiggo 8 in other countries-too.

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