106,700 PKR
Review 2023
DYL Dhoom YD 70 Pakistan

2023 YDL Dhoom YD 70 Motorcycle

  • Sold in Pakistan: 2012-Present
  • Technology: 4-stroke, SOHC, air-cooled 70cc

2023 YDL Dhoom YD 70 Price in Pakistan
Price Effective from 20-Feb-2023

YDL Dhoom YD 70  106,700 PKR

The DYL Motorbikes company was established in Pakistan in 1976 in collaboration with Yamaha Motors. Today, we will share the specs and details of one of the most economical bikes, the Yamaha Dhoom YD 70. The Dhoom YD 70 is a 70cc, 4-stroke engine bike that offers all those features available in other 70cc bikes, but it is different from them because of its durability and comfort. The Dhoom YD 70’s performance is remarkable, and its 4-speed transmission is smooth. The Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 is available at a very economical price, and the interesting thing is that you don’t have to compromise on the advanced features at this price. The Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 offers highly demanded features. The Dawood Yamaha Limited company has gained great success and customer’s trust after serving them for four decades, and that’s why customers choose Dhoom YD 70 among competitors. It is not only the name, but Dhoom YD 70 is a durable bike, and its resale value is also good. The Dhoom YD 70 gives an extraordinary fuel average that attracts customers in this era of inflation. The 2022 Dhoom YD 70 comes with new graphics stickers that look attractive, and the bike is available in red and black exterior color options.

DYL Dhoom YD 70 Motorycle advertisement image
DYL Dhoom YD 70 Motorycle advertisement image

Engine & Performance:

The Dhoom YD 70 gets its power from a 4-stroke, SOHC, air-cooled 70cc engine that generates a maximum torque of 5.4 Nm at 5500 RPM. It has a compression ratio of 1:9:1 and a wet-stump lubrication system. The Dhoom YD 70’s engine has a long life and delivers powerful performance. It offers a 4-speed manual transmission that provides smooth performance, and the clutch feels soft. It offers kick-start technology, and the rider uses a single kick to start the bike. The 4-stroke technology in the engine produces smooth sound and provides efficient performance. The brakes at the front and rear are drums, and they are not hard to use, while the suspension system is also tuned well and takes you through bumps and breakers quickly. Another good thing about Dhoom YD70 is that it works great at higher speeds, unlike other 70cc bikes that start to produce vibrations at higher rates. The ride’s handling is easy, and young bikers who do not have experience in riding can easily ride Dhoom YD 70.

Mileage & Top speed:

The fuel efficiency of Dhoom YD 70 is remarkable, and it attracts many customers. The bike has a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 liters with a reserve capacity of 1.5 liters. The Dhoom YD 70 gives a mileage of approximately 50 kilometers to 60 kilometers per liter, depending on the road condition. The Dhoom YD 70 can give a top speed of 80 to 85 kilometers per hour, and the good thing is that the bike works well at this speed without producing vibrations.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Dhoom YD 70 has a stylish design and is available in two exterior color options. It has a traditional 70cc bike design. It has an overall length of 1915 millimeters, a width of 765 millimeters, a height of 1000 millimeters, and a wheelbase of 1210 millimeters. The front has a simple headlamp like all other 70cc bikes, and the backlight looks unique. The handlebars are strong and provide a firm grip, while the speedometer is elegant. The speedometer has a simple design, comes with an indicator sign for the rider’s assistance, and the insertion hole for the key is in the speedometer. The bike’s seat is comfortable with a black leather cover, and a grip rod is situated under the seat for the back passenger. You can customize the accessories of the bike according to your choice. The seat height is sufficient for the rider to ride the bike comfortably and rests his feet on the road when he has to wait at the traffic signals. The seat’s space is generous, so the bike is used for family. The bike’s build quality is appreciatable. It makes it distinguishable from other bikes, thus reducing its service cost.

User Reviews & Pros, Cons:

Users are satisfied with the Dhoom YD 70 and love its shape, performance, quality, and comfort. Dhoom YD 70, when compared with its competitors, then Dhoom YD 70 has more customer interest and good reviews. The affordability of the bike is the first thing that attracts customers, and when they start using it, they love its performance. The users are satisfied with the bike’s quality and don’t have to go to the mechanic often for maintenance. The users love its fuel consumption and get 55 kilometers in one liter. The bike’s resale value is also good, and if in case you have to switch to another bike after reselling Dhoom YD 70, then you don’t have to worry. The bikes’ spare parts are also available easily throughout the country.

Major Competitors:

Dimension (Lxwxh) 1915 x 765 x 1000 mm
Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Displacement 70 cc
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate
Transmission 4-speed
Torque 5.4 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Bore & Stroke 47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Starting Kick Start
Top Speed 85 km/l
Petrol Capacity 9 L
Fuel Average 50-55 km/l
Dry Weight 83 KG
Frame Backbone Type
Ground Clearance 135 mm
Tyre at Back 2.25 – 17
Tyre at Front 2.25 – 17

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  • Excellent bike with good quality , better than honda cd70 . I have since 2011.
    One issue is that the seat is too hard.

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