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Super Asia SA 70cc Pakistan

 Super Asia 70cc (2014-2018)

  • Sold in Pakistan = 2014-2018
  • Technology = Euro-II Air Cooled Engine

Super Asia 70cc Last Price in Pakistan

Super Asia 70 cc 40,000/- PKR

Super Asia Motors, a subsidiary of Super Asia Group in Pakistan, plays a crucial role in the production and distribution of motorcycles. Alongside its existing portfolio of home appliances, the company has expanded its operations into the motorcycle industry. With a diverse range of motorcycles available, Super Asia Motors caters to varying engine capacities, thereby meeting the distinct preferences and needs of different customers. Their overarching goal is to provide affordable and reliable transportation options for consumers across Pakistan. One of the notable offerings from Super Asia Motors is the Super Asia SA 70, a 70cc motorcycle that has gained significant popularity among riders seeking an economical and dependable motorbike for daily commuting and short-distance travel. The Super Asia SA 70 boasts a 70cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine renowned for its remarkable fuel efficiency and reliability. This engine not only delivers adequate power for navigating city roads but also exhibits exceptional performance across diverse road conditions.

When it comes to design, the Super Asia SA 70 embodies a sleek and practical aesthetic ideal for urban commuting. Its comfortable seating position ensures a pleasant riding experience, while its visually appealing appearance adds an extra touch of sophistication. Notably, the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency allows riders to save on their overall fuel expenses. Moreover, it’s efficient engine and lightweight design contribute to its exceptional economic performance, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

In conclusion, Super Asia Motors, as a subsidiary of Super Asia Group, has successfully diversified its operations to include the production and distribution of motorcycles alongside its existing home appliance portfolio. The Super Asia SA 70, with its 70cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, exemplifies the company’s commitment to affordability and reliability. With its sleek design, comfortable seating, fuel efficiency, and economic performance, the Super Asia SA 70 offers a compelling choice for riders seeking a reliable and cost-effective means of transportation for their daily commuting and short-distance travel needs.

super asia SA 70cc motorcycle title image
super asia SA 70cc motorcycle title image

Engine & Performance:

The Super Asia 70 is equipped with a reliable 70cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, which is the heart of the motorcycle. This engine generates a power output of 7hp at 8500 RPM and a torque of 5.39 Nm at 6500 RPM. The power provided by the engine is sufficient for daily commuting and short-distance travel, making it an ideal choice for urban environments. The Super Asia 70 aims to strike a balance between fuel efficiency and performance, ensuring that riders can enjoy an economical ride without compromising on power. To ensure proper cooling, the engine of the Super Asia 70 may feature an air-cooled system. This type of cooling system relies on the natural airflow over the engine’s surfaces to dissipate heat efficiently. It is a common cooling system used in small-displacement motorcycles like the Super Asia 70.

The engine of the Super Asia 70 is typically mated to a 4-speed manual transmission system. This enables riders to shift gears smoothly and efficiently, enhancing the overall riding experience. The motorcycle can achieve a top speed of around 80 kilometers per hour, allowing riders to reach their destinations swiftly. Additionally, the Super Asia 70 comes with a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters, providing ample range before refueling. In terms of suspension, the front of the Super Asia 70 is equipped with telescopic forks. These forks provide suspension travel and effectively absorb bumps and shocks from the road, contributing to a comfortable ride. At the rear, a swing arm suspension system is commonly employed, further enhancing the motorcycle’s ability to handle various road conditions. While the suspension setup may not offer advanced features or high-performance components, it delivers a decent level of comfort and control during normal city riding conditions.

The braking system of the Super Asia 70 consists of a drum brake setup. It includes a drum-shaped housing, brake shoes, and a mechanism that activates the brake shoes when the brake lever is pressed. Similar to the front brake, the rear drum brake relies on friction to slow down or stop the rotation of the rear wheel. The rear drum brake system works in conjunction with the front brake to provide balanced braking performance, ensuring efficient and reliable stopping power. The Super Asia 70 is designed to be lightweight and compact, contributing to its agility and maneuverability. This allows riders to navigate through city traffic and handle tight turns with ease. The motorcycle is built with stability in mind, considering factors such as frame design, weight distribution, and suspension. These elements work together to maintain stability, especially at higher speeds.

Super Asia 70 generally features a responsive and predictable steering system, enabling riders to have good control over the motorcycle. The handlebars and riding position are designed to provide a comfortable and balanced riding experience, reducing fatigue during long rides. The choice of tires on Super Asia 70 can significantly influence its handling characteristics. Typically, the motorcycle is equipped with tires designed for street use, offering adequate grip on paved surfaces. This ensures good performance and traction, enhancing the overall riding experience.

In summary, the Super Asia 70 offers a reliable and efficient mode of transportation with its 70cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, delivering a balance of power and fuel efficiency. Its lightweight and compact design, along with responsive steering, contributes to its agility and maneuverability in urban environments. The suspension system provides a comfortable ride, while the braking system ensures reliable stopping power. With its well-rounded performance and thoughtful design, the Super Asia 70 proves to be a dependable choice for riders seeking an affordable and practical motorcycle for their daily commuting needs.

Exterior Design & Build Quality:

The Super Asia 70 is designed with practicality and functionality in mind, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and short-distance travel. Its exterior design reflects these qualities, with a focus on convenience and maneuverability. The sleek and compact profile of the Super Asia 70 allows riders to navigate through traffic and tight spaces with ease. The streamlined shape not only enhances its aesthetics but also contributes to improved aerodynamics and efficient performance. The body panels of Super Asia 70 are thoughtfully integrated, creating a smooth and cohesive appearance. These panels serve a dual purpose – they not only enhance the overall design but also provide protection to essential components from the elements. By covering key elements, the body panels help to maintain the motorcycle’s performance and longevity.

In terms of lighting, Super Asia 70 typically incorporates a reliable headlight and taillight system. The headlight is positioned at the front of the motorcycle, ensuring optimal visibility and safety during nighttime rides or in low-light conditions. Similarly, the taillight is placed at the rear, alerting other road users of the motorcycle’s presence. These lighting features are designed to meet safety standards and enhance the overall riding experience. Super Asia 70 also features a functional instrument cluster that provides essential information to the rider. Typically located within the dashboard, the instrument cluster displays crucial details such as speed, fuel level, and indicators for various functions. This allows riders to stay informed and maintain control while on the road, ensuring a safe and convenient riding experience.

While Super Asia motorcycles may not possess the same level of refinement as higher-end models, efforts are made to achieve a satisfactory level of fit and finish. The goal is to ensure that components and panels fit together properly, giving the motorcycle a tidy and well-constructed appearance. Super Asia aims to provide a reliable and durable product that can withstand regular usage when properly maintained and cared for.

In conclusion, the Super Asia 70 boasts a practical and functional exterior design suitable for daily commuting and short-distance travel. Its sleek and compact profile allows for easy maneuverability, while the well-integrated body panels provide protection and a cohesive appearance. The headlight and taillight system ensures visibility and safety, and the functional instrument cluster keeps riders informed. Although Super Asia motorcycles may not offer the same level of refinement as high-end models, attention is given to fit and finish to deliver a reliable and visually pleasing product.

User Reviews:

Super Asia 70 receives a range of reviews from users, with some expressing admiration for its affordability and practicality. These users appreciate the motorcycle for its fuel efficiency, which allows them to save on fuel expenses during their daily commutes. Additionally, the Super Asia 70 is praised for its low maintenance cost, making it a cost-effective option for riders on a budget. One of the notable advantages mentioned by users is the easy availability of spare parts for the Super Asia 70 within the country. This accessibility ensures that riders can easily find and replace any necessary components, reducing downtime and ensuring the motorcycle remains in optimal condition. Furthermore, the motorcycle’s good resale value is an attractive feature for users, indicating that it holds its worth relatively well over time.

Although Super Asia 70 may not offer the advanced features or high-end specifications found in some other motorcycles, it strives to provide reliable and functional parts that effectively fulfill their intended purposes. Users recognize that the motorcycle may not have the same level of technological advancements, but it aims to provide a dependable mode of transportation that meets the basic requirements of riders.

In summary, the Super Asia 70 garners a mix of reviews from users, with some appreciating its affordability, practicality, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance cost. The easy availability of spare parts within the country and its good resale value add to its appeal. While it may not boast advanced features, the Super Asia 70 aims to deliver reliable and functional performance, fulfilling the basic needs of riders effectively.

Major Competitors:

Dimension (Lxwxh) 1840 x 750 x 1030 mm
Engine 4- Stroke, Air Cooled, Single Cylinder
Displacement 70 cc
Clutch Wet High Pressure
Transmission 4-speed
Horsepower 7.0 HP @ 8500.0 RPM
Torque 5.39 Nm @ 6500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 47 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Petrol Capacity 9L
Starting Kick start
Top Speed 80 KM/H
Dry Weight 82KG
Ground Clearance 135mm
Tyre at Back 2.5 – 17
Tyre at Front 2.25 – 2.25

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